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Figured aims to change the perception of accountancy from a costly necessity to a desirable value-adding service by helping Jersey business owners maximise their profits by having a better understanding of not just their accounts, but also their business strategies and the impact each will have on the bottom line.


We offer comprehensive accounting packages alongside financial management expertise, and provide insightful business management ideas, help business owners streamline their businesses processes and reduce the time business owners spend on paperwork.


The level of support will be tailored to your business requirements and budget so you get the benefit of years of accounting and financial leadership experience across a wide range of businesses and industries but at a cost that will be offset by the improved financial performance you can expect from improved operational efficiencies and better financial management.

A complete range of services
for businesses that don't have a Finance Director

Personalised, flexible reporting that meets the needs of your business and budget including:

  • monthly profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements

  • feedback in person to ensure you fully understand your figures

  • clear, concise management information

  • detailed performance analysis

  • annual accounts preparation and filing of annual returns

Business planning and investment appraisal; Figured can help formulate a budget that sits alongside your strategic aims and that can be used to monitor progress as you work towards your financial goals.


This, along with more specific investment appraisal when required, can be used to pull together a business plan you can take to your bank or investors to justify additional investment for growth.

Full analysis of your current accounting system and set up; we are not aligned to one particular accounting software provider as we believe different business have different needs.


We will check that your current software is working for you and also see if your chart of accounts is providing you with the analysis you need in order to really understand which areas of your business are generating the best returns and which you need to focus on improving.


Benefits of getting your business Figured

Monthly accounts that mean something…

We don’t just post accruals and prepayments at year end, we post them every month so that your monthly management accounts reflect how your business is really performing and we’ll be meeting for regular chats to ensure that you fully understand what your financial reports are saying. There’ll be no surprises at the end of the year as you’ll already know exactly how all areas of your business are performing and you’ll be in a strong position to make well informed decisions about your sales strategy and cost base.


Financial management that works for you…

Most Jersey businesses can’t justify the cost of a senior finance manager or director but Figured can provide ongoing support or adhoc advice to businesses in need of a little extra financial management expertise. By looking more closely into the financial performance of different areas of your business we can help you find ways to fine-tune your business plan in order to maximise your profits and ensure you are well informed and well prepared when looking for additional business funding or investment support.


We won’t take your money for granted...

It’s not a retainer, it’s a service fee and we believe it should be earned. All recurring services such as monthly accounts, annual accounts, budgets, quarterly returns, and annual returns will be agreed in advance and covered by a monthly fee. You will know exactly how your fee has been calculated and what work we will be doing to justify it. You will know in advance how much your accountancy fees will be for the year and won’t receive any one-off bills without prior agreement for additional work.

Meet Kirsty

As a Chartered Management Accountant and CIMA MiP, Kirsty’s focus is on using financial information to provide business owners with meaningful insight into the financial performance of their business, enabling them to make better informed strategic decisions that will drive profit growth.


Kirsty is a personable, diplomatic and highly analytical business leader with financial management experience in manufacturing, transport service, and retail industries. Having held the position of Finance Director with Jersey Dairy for a number of years Kirsty has now decided that she would like to provide local businesses who can’t justify the expense of a Finance Manager or Director with the resources they need to perform as if they had one.


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